How can art & activism  make a difference to change a point of view, or to powerfully impact social change? Activist art challenges  traditional boundaries as represented by those in power. Like protest art, activist art practice emerged partly out of a call for art to be connected to a wider audience, and to open up spaces where the marginalized and disenfranchised can be seen and heard. Activist art incorporates the use of public space to address socio-political issues and to encourage community and public participation as a means of bringing about social change  that can work to foster participation in dialogue, raise consciousness, and empower individuals and communities. Activist art is important to an understanding of its importance alongside political, economical, and social forces in movements and acts of social change.

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City Lights with Lois Reitzes talks to Flora Rosefsky. Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia curates Art and Performance Exhibit on Human Trafficking. Listen to audio on

Listen on WABE

One Earth/OneChance:The opening and interviews with artists.

Copyright AIB TV, Thanks to Rick Stone for Editing and Audrey Galex AIB TV Producer.

NOT FOR SALE  article on the 2019 WCAGA Anti-Human Trafficking collaboration with Atlanta Shambhala Center in Decatur. Source:

Read Article

Women's Caucus for Art of Georgia,

Artists draw attention to modern slavery

In Georgia, a gallery show is educating people
about human trafficking, and inspiring them to make a difference.

Source: CNN The Freedom Project


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