Drawing Marathon

2018 Drawing Marathon Program

Drawing Marathon is entering its 6th year. This began as an experimental one-year program and took on a life of its own after that. The purpose is to shake up our habitual working process and ways of thinking, to look for input from new surroundings and to enjoy the opportunity to talk ‘art’ to our hearts' content with other like-minded individuals. The basic format has been to simply gather in one another’s studios with drawing materials and no theme, just whatever method each individual artist chooses. This year we have decided to experiment a bit with themes. 


Each month is hosted by a different artist in her studio. Due to variations in studio sizes, the host will determine the number of spaces available for each session.  

To participate, email Barb Rehg (brehgstudios@bellsouth.net) the day/days you want to attend. (You may attend more than one). Once each session has reached capacity, additional people will be put on the waiting list in case of cancellations. 


How it works 

Each participant brings her own materials. You may bring whatever food and drink you want for the lunch break, or go out for lunch. The process is very informal and you are not required to finish any piece.  : ) 

Drawing Marathon usually runs from 10:30 to 3pm. Some sessions are on weekends and others may be during the week. Most Drawing Marathons are one day only, except the multi-day event held annually at Barb Rehg’s studio.

If you have questions, please email Barb at brehgstudios@bellsouth.net.

2018 Upcoming Events

April 21

Outdoor Drawing Marathon

Once again Sally Eppstein, gallery director for the Blue Heron Nature Preserve, has invited the 

WCAGA to come and enjoy Earth Day with others while finding inspiration to draw in the surroundings. 

If you plan on being there, Sally would appreciate a quick email letting her know. sallymail@yahoo.com

June 7 to 10th

Your Host: Barb Rehg

Where: Studio E2 at TULA on 75 Bennett St. Atlanta GA

Time: 10:30 to 4pm

A multi day drawing marathon. 

Please email Barb Rehg if you would like to attend. brehgstudios@bellsouth.net

August 18 - Paint on the Walls, Year 2

Your Host: Sylvia Cross

Where: Sycamore Place Gallery

Time: 10 to 4pm 

Last year Sylvia opened her gallery to a day of painting directly on the walls of her gallery.

We used typical indoor house paint, creating between multiple artists a story wall.

This year the tableau created will stay up for 2 weeks. 

More information will be revealed as we get closer to the date. However, If you would like 

to reserve a spot for this event email Barb Rehg at brehgstudios@bellsouth.net



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