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I have a brother who has a PHD in Agriculture and has been doing research in crop growing for the last 20 years at Queensland Australia University says that Global Warming is real. I asked him that because Global Warming seems like an abstract idea and I myself was not sure if this was just another weird idea created by people. So my brother does not have any reason to lie to me about this and he says it is real.
To me it seems difficult to leave a green footprint. Products that have been recycled are more expensive than the counter products. To recycle in your own home you either have to pay your local garbage company more to do it (and then you do not really know if they just pocket the money without actually recycling). Or you have to drive your hand recycled garbage yourself to the nearest recycling center. Electric and Hybrid cars are still more expensive. Car manufacturers complain that to make cars more “green" is more expensive. Still whenever laws and taxes are put in place by governments to make the green choice more affordable or accessible and to help conserve animals or trees and plants, the sea and sea life, you get such a negative response from most people that it becomes unpleasant.
There is the natural climate change and then there is the human induced climate change. As people it is difficult to believe that we can really destroy the earth if it is not by bombs. Most of us believe we do not have control over Earths destiny. Maybe that is right but the truth is that you should take responsibility for your part and treat your god given live on earth as a gift and with respect.

The Willow Tree

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"The Fragile Balance"
Oil on Canvas
36" x 24"
2015 - 2020

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