This piece works on several different levels as an interactive activist installation. My initial intent was to illustrate the kind of apathy towards sex, and sexuality I was taught by my grandmother and other women of her generation as an inquisitive pubescent girl. Looking at it now in its completion, so close to this national election, one can not avoid an other deeper and heartfelt interpretations. This piece has many layers, feel free to read it in any way you like or dislike! Women are being fucked over! American is being fucked over! Welcome to America, now lay down and spread your legs! ( but be sure to vote! ) Dimensions variable site specific L-39"xW-75" H- 25" ( depending on cott and mattress ). I could also bring an end table or two? Or not...

WCA Michigan Chapter

Video of how someone would interact with the installation.

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Brenda Oelbaum

"Lay Back and think of your Cuntry: Vagazzle"
Installation : twin bed, sheets American flag with beaded Vagina ripped into it with threw a blue and white 1950's apron. Audio component.

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