Callahan McDonough "Not for Sale 1"


I became intensly aware of Human Trafficking around 2011, at a meeting of Plywood People, whose slogan is, "We will be known by the problems we solve" a value I want to embody in my life and work. It was there I met the then director of Not For Sale Georgia : this encounter prompted me to create a triptych entitled " I am Not for Sale", allowing me to use my art as a social change agent. The images of actual human traffic victims are used in this artwork with permission. (All photos copy righted : Kay Chemush for U.S. State Department). As stated on NFS website, "There are more than 30 million slaves today, more than at any other time in history. Men, women and children around the world are forced to work without pay and subjected to physical, mental, sexual and emotional exploitation-and the number is growing." It's devasting to realize we are in the midst of a time of such great abuse.  These paintings were created in collaboration with writer Ronna Detrick, who provided the text, and are available as prints. All proceeds will be donated to organizations working to end human trafficking.

WCA Georgia Chapter

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Callahan McDonough
"I am not for Sale (Panel One)"
mixed media on arches paper
21"x 29 1/2"(Panels one,two and three)

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