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"When the stories a society share are out of time with its circumstances, they can become self-limiting, even a threat to survival. That is our current situation" David Korten, The Great Turning Excerpted from: Active Hope, How we face the mess we're in without going crazy by Joanna Macy & Chris Johnstone

The story I had been telling myself up until a few months ago is 'I am doing everything I can to help stop Climate Change', I recycle, eat organic, march for science, I'm a founder of our health co-op Sevananda, I sign petitions and give money to organizations for all things good for Mother Earth and I care about species extinction. All good stuff, yup, and I'll keep doing all that. AND then I found out what I don't know I don't know. The BIG one: we have a ten year window to keep the rising temperature from going over 1.5 deg. C. This is an Emergency; if we don't find a way to move through the stages represented in this triptych we may very well have missed the chance to save the world for our children and all those who remain. The very good news is there really are things we can do to lower, and perhaps REVERSE Global warming. I suggest reading: DrawDown, The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to REVERSE global warming. Edited by Paul Hawken. Filled with sustainable Hope+Actions.

3 Stories of our Time:

First story: Business as usual

Second story: The Great Unraveling

Third story: The Great Turning 

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above: Triptych: Three stories of our time - 2014 - mixed media on wood


Right Panel

Callahan McDonough
"The third story: The Great Turning"
4'H x 3'W


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