Claire Chambless “Lolita”


My work deals with the idea of excess in our culture, whether that be excess money, consumerism, sex, food, information overload or any hyper-stimulating experience. Some of my recent work deals with ExcessSex, engaging in, mental preoccupation with and the ramifications of that. Basically, how too much of a good thing (a physical stimulation that feels good) can lead to terrible corruption and in the case of trafficking, human rights violations. My work questions the underlying cultural beliefs that allow institutions like prostitution and trafficking to continue. As a young woman moving in the fast fashion/entertainment circles NYC in my early 20s, my sexuality was something I was made to feel very aware of. At first it was powerful, but then it became a burden. Through my volunteer work I became aware of the realities of sex trafficking in the US, and was disgusted. So, I used my own experience as a jumping off point to explore the cultural beliefs that support objectification and commodification of female bodies. For me, it is connected to this idea of hyper-sexualizing everything. I use materials like human hair, tutus, etc and hidden sexual confessions that I write in my pieces, and then cover up with materials so they can’t be seen. “ExcessSex” (the term I use to discuss this type of content) is something I’m still very actively exploring, so I don’t have it all figured out yet. Hopefully, this provides a little bit of insight.

WCA Georgia Chapter


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Claire Chambless
Children’s ballet tutus imported from China
26” L x 36” W x 12” H

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