Flora Rosefsky "Invisible"


Just as the victims of sexual exploitation that takes place in the Metro Atlanta area, where young girls involuntarily lose the foundation of a healthy childhood, the STOP series reveals familiar faces and places once lovingly cherished to become torn, broken, and cut faceless shapes - no longer recognizable, and no longer loved. Fragmented photograph cutouts float in and out of the records 

When shown together as a "STOP" series, the seven works create a visual dialogue. Patterns of movement create tension between what we first see as beautiful shapes that soon become a young girl's vulnerable journey to a very dark place in her life. Found vintage objects, such as 45 speed phonograph record song titles, conjure up strong messages on what our community needs to "stop" in regard to sex trafficking. 

The play on words, by incorporating text into the artwork, re-emphasizes the theme of the "Dolls in the City" Exhibition. Inspired by the record song titles, the individual STOPS are called Shame – Parade – Heartbreak – My Way – Your Money – Promises – Scoutin'. When seen as a series of 7, each of the red stop signs also signifies the seven days of the week. Sex trafficking, a heartache for the dolls and their families, continues year round. We need to not insulate ourselves from seeing what is right here in the Atlanta area. Stop procrastinating. The time is now.

A small bright red octagonal matte board becomes a stop sign, a subtle or not so subtle familiar symbolic shape to grab one's attention to what is one of the city of Atlanta's greatest heartaches for its population. Too many young girls are being sexually exploited with sex trafficking. Found words from vintage 45 record labels become an integral part of the work, giving one pause to think about what needs to be stopped right here, right now.

WCA Georgia Chapter


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Flora Rosefsky
collage, photographic cutouts on purchased handmade paper

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