Heida Halldorsdottir - Earth Healer 1


I am gravely concerned about the future of our planet Earth. Will our children and grandchildren survive? What are we doing to our future generations? Listening to ignorant, self-serving and greedy politicians that deny that global warming is reality makes me so hopeless. Everywhere in the world, we find evidence that global warming is happening right in front of our eyes. In my country of birth, Iceland, we are witnessing our glaciers melting away faster than one can imagine. Water levels are rising and we struggle with horrible wildfires that destroy vegetation and wildlife almost every day.

This series of work consists of Earth Healers, which are spiritual beings of a higher power that will heal the earth and turn around this horrible threat to our future.



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Heida Halldorsdottir

Earth Healer 1
White Earthenware, underglazes, glazes, luster, wool, wood, and paint.
25" x 10" x 10"

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