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I am a self taught mixed media artist. I think artists have a pivotal place in this conversation about global climate change, in educating people and waking us up to the looming crisis. Perhaps we are first responders who can not look away from the truth.. .Our mission to reflect that truth in ways that disturb, deconstruct and decode the smoke and mirrors that hide what is in plain sight. Perhaps we are the canary in the coal mine, sent in to detect the toxicity in the air, in the water, the soil,. Perhaps we are the mirror reflecting the beauty and intricate design of creation, sounding an alarm to be the stewards we were meant to be of Mother Earth.
As a life time organic gardener climate change is not a is a reality. The sky used to be filled with migrating monarch longer. Garden spiders spun huge webs in the Fall. No longer. Lady bugs were plentiful in the summer and wintered in the eaves of my house, occasionally appearing on the ceiling and around the windows. No longer. Bees were plentiful. Now sometimes squash plants bloom but the flowers go unpollinated and produce no squash. The urgency I feel to action advocacy and truth telling fuels my art making.

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Jesse Bathrick
“An accurate portrayal of the weight of the evidence”

Acrylic, pallete paper, ink

36” x 36“


An Accurate Representation of the Weight of the Evidence: This work reflects the beauty of wetlands and the fragility of the ecosystem, The tall collage marsh bird, perhaps an egret wades in the water and feeds among the tall plants. Lurking throughout are hard facts found asmessages in the leaves This piece was made by pouring ink, the marsh bird from tearing old palette paper, the watery ground is acrylic paint, the background stamped on in metallic colors.

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