Jessica Shirley "Crucifix with Oriental Tapestry"


My artwork often borrows from stories, both real and fictional, whose characters illustrate themes of death, resurrection, and identity. The characters move through paintings as symbols of the universal struggle for hope in the midst of brokenness. Death is usually used as a positive symbol foreshadowing rebirth.The three pieces I have created so far in this series demonstrate a common theme of reconciling a broken world on the level of an individual life. I have sought, in two of the works, Cut and Torn, to speak to an awareness of the pain that follows those who have been rescued from trafficking. The third piece, Crucifix with Oriental Tapestry, inserts the artist and/or viewer into a more well-known symbol of suffering. Without necessarily requiring a spiritual interpretation, the scene is meant to use the emblem of a crucifix as a representation of tribulation, much as the fictional namesake artist employs it in a painting in Chaim Potok’s novel, My Name is Asher Lev.

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Jessica Shirley

"Crucifix with Oriental Tapestry"

acrylic and watercolor on canvas

30 x 40 inches


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