Karen Schwartz - Landscape Dyspagia


The global warming crisis infiltrates every aspect of our environment, but may show up in ways that appear visually beautiful, especially at first. High or low water levels, burnt out landscapes, unseasonal foliage and blooms may invite complacency as we witness transitions and transformations that embody beauty, along with the ugliness of the destructive human hand on our natural environment. Similarly, the beauty of our art images can bring awareness to ugliness and by transforming it, may bring ugliness into forms that are bearable so that we may engage with their substance. To address this theme of dualities that challenge us in addressing the global crisis-- beauty and ugliness, accountability and denial-- I have selected three works from a series of abstract images on terra skin paper inspired by beautiful seaside and garden settings. These three works carry visual hints of ominous change. They may be arresting in the beauty (pleasurable form) of first appearance, but visually haunted by implied threat of imbalance and dislocation. All three works were done outdoors terra skin paper, which is made from stone that is enduring in the face of natural elements, but ultimately subject to impression and wear.

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Karen Schwartz
"Landscape Dyspagia"
mixed media on terraskin paper
40" x 26"

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