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My fascination with the Earth began when I was a child growing up in the south and admiring the vegetation that surrounded me. I transformed my fascination into a passion that is determined to rescue the future of our planet. From the moment that I became aware of global warming, or climate change, I have dedicated my artistry to the well-being of our world. Global warming is an international issue that is taking its toll right before our eyes. The most concerning aspect of the matter is that most people are unaware of how we are currently living in the planet’s next mass extinction and that increased human activity is the dilemma behind our demise. As artists living and creating in the Anthropocene, one of our most significant challenges is finding environmentally conscious resources. However, we must do what we can to creatively educate Earth’s growing population about the most critical situation that continues to threaten our existence and to do so without causing additional harm to our planet and its living organisms.

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Kenya Taylor
Charcoal Hand Printed on Hand Dyed Canvas.
3’ x 3’ 24”

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