Kirkland Smith - Plastic Reef


For over a decade, I have been collecting the junk that no one wants. These once-loved or once-used items have been rescued from an eternity in the landfill and become the medium for my contemporary work. While my artistic passion has always been more classical- to capture light and form in paint- I have discovered that working with the discarded objects makes a more dramatic statement. To portray the problem of overconsumption and its effects in a disposable society, these contemporary assemblages are an evocative way to drive home the message of environmental responsibility. By engaging the viewer with artwork that is both assessable and nostalgic, I hope to challenge consumer habits and attitudes, and to drive home the message that what we throw away says a lot about who we are, but what we choose to cherish and protect says more in the end.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter



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Kirkland Smith
"Plastic Reef (detail)"
38" x 51"
Plastic milk jugs, bottle caps, disposable contact lens cases, plastic forks, computer keys


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