Kirsten Stingle - The Air We Breathe


In general, my sculptures confront a modern paradox: a wired and globally connected world that creates individual isolation and a superficial understanding of our place in the world. Working in the genre of narrative ceramics, I attempt to cut through the isolation by presenting common threads of the human experience and reminding viewers of our important connection to the world around us. The overarching theme of my work is to create a dialogue with the viewer that will lead to self-discovery and reverence for the delicate dance of life. As an extension of this goal, all my sculptures repurpose discarded relics to add layers of meaning in the narrative and remind the viewer of our shared history.

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Kirsten Stingle
"The Air We Breathe"
Hand built porcelain with underglazes, slips and stains. Mixed media: antique bridal lace, vintage seed beads, vintage trim, metal, vintage child’s gas mask tube, vintage wax flowers.
29” x 20” x 14”


Above is "The Air We Breath"

within its environment.

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