Lisa Alembik - Witnesses: Spyder Protector I


My work focuses on our response to violence against women and the silent witnesses in the rooms or landscapes where such crimes take place. I incorporate insects as stand-ins for a witness—or may be the perpetrator of violence. They can represent our irrational fears of six- and eight-legged creatures. Occasionally, they too will succumb and become a victim. There are parallels to how we will turn our gaze away from a woman in need, or blame a woman for the violence that happens to her, to how we are in denial about the global devastation of nature and our planet tilting towards its demise.

Member of WCA Georgia Chapter




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Lisa Alembik
"Witnesses: Spyder Protector I"
7.5” x 7.5” framed at 10” x 10”
Ink on paper

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