Lizi Beard-Ward - Approaching Storm


I hate to think the last of my years on this earth will be spent worrying about whether human beings can learn what the word stewardship means in time to save this planet.  The negative side of me says no way while the hopeful side sees glimmers of light.   The horrors of what we have done to earth are becoming evident by the day as we watch beloved species dwindle and go extinct; as we see the lands of our birth scorched, and the rise of the polluted ocean waters erasing homeland for so many.  We are seeing the seasons become erratic and the weather wax more violent.  The hungry have begun to cry and populations already impacted are beginning to migrate.  Where will they go when once green land becomes dust?  We have to listen to the desperate call; we have to ignore the naysayers; there is no time to listen to their canned and purposed lies; and we have to change...NOW.   There is no second chance as we have undone millions of years evolution in a very short time.  Those who should follow on our heels so closely may not be there at all if we don't.  I  have screamed for 40 years only to be greeted by strange looks and disbelief.  And I began to use art to speak my heart.  Ten years ago or so I began creating digital imagery to illustrate my passion for this earth and the deep sorrow and anger that has taken over my artist soul.  It has become my mission to paint and photograph as much of her as I can..until my aging hands can no longer hold my tools.  I plant to go out cheerleading for our home. Thank you for reading.

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Lizi Beard-Ward
"Approaching Storm"
digital imagery
11x14" framed to 16x20

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