Elyse Defoor - Chaos, a self portrait


“Chaos” began as a 2006 piece that I created in response to witnessing the misery and destruction after Katrina. It was included in my solo exhibit at The Alexandria Museum of Art in Alexandria, Louisiana, with the original title of “Fury”.
It is alarming to think of what has occurred during the past fifteen years since Katrina— the increased number and intensity of storms, uncontrolled wildfires, the destruction of plant and animal life, above and below the ocean— the effects of global warming has brought chaos to our civilization. 
Inspired by the “One Earth/One Chance” exhibit, I pulled “Fury” from storage, tore off all the additional layers that hid its core and focused on mark-making as my response to global warming. This new iteration is “Chaos”.
We cannot stand idly by. The future may not be completely in our hands, but to do nothing to help safeguard our planet and bring about change, is a true crime. 



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Elyse Defoor

"Chaos, a self portrait"
Photographic print
36" X 29"

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