Margee Bright Ragland - Polar Bear Retreat


Climate change is happening now. My work imagines how we will adapt to these changes as the seas rise and the planet warms. The human characters in these assemblages have had to come closer to nature and the animal kingdom. The theme of my three entries is When the Seas Rise.
Entry 1, When The Seas Rise/ The Octopuses Garden / The PenguinsTale,
Speaks to the species ( Octopuses and Penguins) that will adapt to climate change and their message to at least one human survivor.
Entry 2, When the Seas Rise/ Loretta’s Ice Home with the Emperor Penguins features a child who is able to communicate and has the support of the animal world.
Entry 3, When the Seas Rise/ Rats will Reign as Maria balances on the Moon with her Bluebird, This work suggests that some humans may have to make their homes away from our planet. Of course only very magical beings, like Maria, will be able to transcend the bonds of Earth.
Although my work is fantasy, these pieces attempt to call attention to the real disasters that await us. Will we be able to embrace nature and our precious planet or will we perish as a species? I like to image we will survive, but not without recognizing our excesses, actively changing our abuses, and restoring respect for our Mother Earth.

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Margee Bright Ragland
"When the Seas Rise/Polar Bear Retreat"
14" x 14" x 4"

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