Maxim Beeching "Monster Lady"


Painting primal is a live painting duet in which my partner and I explore not only the disruption of balance between society and the natural world, but how that disruption manifests itself within our own lives and bodies. As animals we have fundamental virtues that have slowly been removed and repressed by society, altering our basic priorities as animals. It is not enough to just survive. While acknowledging societal standards that create stress and tension my partner and I want to address these issues through the act of painting. Figuratively we will deconstruct the unnecessary layers of society and also ourselves until nothing remains but primitive energy. The performance piece will be broken into four acts with each act representing a specific theme. There will be a painting structure designated for each theme. My partner and I will paint on these structures while simultaneously interacting with one another on a physical level. Homemade musical soundtrack will accompany each act helping guide us through each theme. The acts will flow from one to the other creating one cohesive story.

WCA Georgia Chapter

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Maxim beeching
"Monster Lady"

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