Maxine Hess - Angry Arachnids


“The Earth’s climate is changing.” Our planet is in danger! We are experiencing rising temperatures, extreme weather events such as more hurricanes, polar ice caps melting, retreating glaciers, and rising sea levels to name a few effects of global warming. I began “Flesh of the Earth” a few years ago in a WCAGA Drawing Marathon before I understood the potential impact of global warming. When the call came for this exhibit, I looked at it again and thought maybe subconsciously I was more aware of the Earth being damaged by global warming than I realized. “Flesh of the Earth” became a metaphor for how our planet is being impacted by our years of neglecting to pay attention to the warning signs of global warming.
“Flesh of the Earth” was created in layers from recycled fabric remnants used to make prayer shawls and recover upholstery. The stitching was done by hand with embroidery thread. Stitching and straight pins were used to hold the fabric (the “flesh”) together. It was then buried in the earth where it remained for a month. When it emerged it’s “flesh” had become discolored and pieces of dirt clung to it. It was then adhered to a wood panel. I decided to cover it with liquid bees wax to give it a layer of protection, but the bees wax just masked my original intent; so I removed much of it with a torch which resulted in scarring the “flesh” much as the Earth is scarred by global warming.
I hope through our efforts in this exhibit, awareness will increase and humans will find ways to decrease carbon dioxide emissions and other greenhouse gas releases before it’s too late.

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Maxine Hess
"Angry Arachnids"
Encaustic on wood panel
42" x 48"

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