Melodi Roberts - mangrove at dusk


The Japanese haiku poet, Basho, said, “Learn about a pine tree from a pine tree, and about a bamboo stalk from a bamboo stalk.”  
The entire process of photography, as with other art forms, is a part of the experience that it is enhancing.  Spending most weekend days from sunrise to sunset on the trails and waterways of the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, I experience, I learn, I feel deeply.  
I have found that no matter what type of photography I might be doing, artistic or documentary, the common theme in my experience is a deepened connection to what I am photographing and always a growing love.
I hope for others the great peace, joy and fulfillment of exploring and discovering this sensory world. May we foster connections and grow a love for the earth such that we all care enough to take the personal responsibility necessary for its survival.  
With gratitude, 100% of all proceeds go to the Merritt Island Wildlife Association.

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Melodi Roberts
"Mangrove at dusk"
10" x 14"

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