Mona Waterhouse "Not For Sale"


Almost a hundred million girls and women are missing from our planet today. The only reason being is that they happened to be female. Violence against them, often resulting in death, is rampant all over the world. In son-centered cultures such as India and China many women abort their fetus if they, through ultrasound, find out it is a girl. Newborn girls are put out to die, or they succumb at an early age due to neglect. In India and other countries many women die needlessly in childbirth. Thousands of girls and women are kidnapped, treated as slaves, and trafficked into brothels around the world. More females have disappeared than soldiers killed on the battlefield in all the wars of the 20th and 21st centuries. In “Vanished” I have tried to express the dignity and grace of my subjects. I believe that art and beauty can be a powerful transmitter of difficult facts and ideas. With “Not for Sale” I aim to give voice to the girls and women who are victims of the devastating practice of sex trafficking. Atlanta is one of the centers for trafficking in the United States. Women and girls are forced to have sex for the exchange of money and many of the victims are unseen, operating out of neighborhoods, spas and massage parlors. The highest incidents of trafficking are found in poor societies where being female is of no value and where women and young girls are tricked and coerced into sexual servitude. It is a lucrative business for the trafficker whose weapon is violence and threats. They frequently sell the women and girls to other traffickers so that they end up in a country far from home where they do not speak the language.

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Mona Waterhouse
"Not For Sale"
mixed media
with very limited inked detail.
36.5” x 25”

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