Rita Bazinet "Unseen"


The term Human Trafficking fails to communicate the horror of human lives bought and sold for sex and labor, but in real terms there are more slaves in the world at this point in history than in the slavery days of the United States.While much discussion of trafficking focuses on the sex trade of girls, who are the great majority of sex slaves, many estimate that over one half of all human slaves are men and boys, most kidnapped and taken across borders to labor in private economies or victims of state-imposed slavery. The two percent of boys forced into prostitution equates to four hundred thousand boys and young men. They are often overlooked due to cultural assumptions about who can be a victim. These boys often don’t even see themselves as victims and are less likely to seek help due to shame, and risk not being taken seriously even if they do speak up.



WCA Georgia Chapter

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Rita Bazinet
30" x 22.5"
Oil paint, oil stick, charcoal and pencil on Arches Huile paper

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