Sandrine Monique Arons "Nik la Bac"


"Niobé, having lost all her children at the hands Apollo and Artemis, is the symbol of the bereaved mother in greek mythology. Ten days after her children’s deaths, she returned to her home and and turned into a rock on Mount Sipyus. At first glance, this image often gives the impression of a woman in the throes of ecstasy but appearances can be deceiving and Niobé, as she is represented here, is in agony behind a stone wall. She looks to be breaking out, but perhaps she is being buried alive. As we know, human trafficking steals children from their families and abandons them on the sidewalk like bags of trash. In this image Niobe’s pain can reflect the torment felt by those victims. The posters remnants of missing faces. Nik la Bac comes from an ongoing body of work on multiculturalism entitled “Frontiers”. This particular composition was made from photographs taken in Arles, France."

WCA Georgia Chapter



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Sandrine Monique Arons

"Nik la Bac"


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