William Buchanan - Earth Tree No. 3


Earth Tree Series: As an artist, I want to use my recent series of art to redirect our attention toward social and environmental conditions that need our concern and away from the latest art fair and record-breaking prices for a single work of art. The Earth Tree Series were created to make a statement about our planet. All works were done with acrylic on cardboard. The cardboard was sprayed with a protective enamel before applying the acrylic. This was an attempt to slow down the erosion process due to the acid in the cardboard that will affect and fade the image over time. How long will the paintings last in their present state? Erosion is around us, from fires in the Amazon Rainforest where 20% of the world’s oxygen is produced to floods in the United States. In the Arctic, the oldest sea ice is melting and threatening the survival of native wildlife. It could be that the greatest creation and our most valued treasure is Planet Earth.




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William Buchanan
"Earth Tree No. 3"
Acrylic on Cardboard
26" x 17"

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