Victoria Pendragon "This Little Piggy"


I have a show – Witness – that is complete and has been exhibited twice in the last two years. The full title of the exhibit is Witness – the Emotional & Psychological Ramifications of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest. The CSA part of that refers to sexual trafficking. The entire show – with text panels – can be seen at I tweet a piece from it almost every day and the web page gets a lot of traffic. I would like to make the show available to any venue that would like to exhibit it and that will require shipping or travel expenses, depending, hence my submission.

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Victoria Pendragon
"This Little Piggy"
Collage on Panel

It was at the hands of my mother’s father – literally – that I first experienced penetration. My body held the memory of the experience for decades giving me dreadful nightmares of being an infant, wrapped in something so tightly that I could not move, at once struggling to be free yet dreading being free, because once I was released, I felt an awful sense of fullness, a kind of dreadful pressure, filling me up inside.

It was my grandfather who taught me to submit. That would prove important when he rented me out to his friends a few years later. I became the perfect product: no tears, no trouble. No dummy, I, for I had seen what happened to little girls who gave him trouble; they ended up in the trunk.

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