I have a show – Witness – that is complete and has been exhibited twice in the last two years. The full title of the exhibit is Witness – the Emotional & Psychological Ramifications of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest. The CSA part of that refers to sexual trafficking. The entire show – with text panels – can be seen at I tweet a piece from it almost every day and the web page gets a lot of traffic. I would like to make the show available to any venue that would like to exhibit it and that will require shipping or travel expenses, depending, hence my submission.

WCA Philadelphia Chapter

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Victoria Pendragon
"Speak No Evil"
Mixed Media with
Collage on Panel

My grandfather began my ‘training’ before I was one year old; I can’t speak for what happened with Debi because, although we were mostly together, we were drugged for much of what went on, (a delicious drink my grandmother made for us with lots of sugar and vanilla). He began his exploitation of us when I was around five.

The string is an allusion to having been treated like puppets. My grandfather pulled the strings, and we did as we were told or suffered the consequences. My string is now neatly wound and set aside but my sister has been a delusional, paranoid schizophrenic since the sixties, her mind unable to let go of the fear that men are after her and that drug dealers lurk around every corner.

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