I have a show – Witness – that is complete and has been exhibited twice in the last two years. The full title of the exhibit is Witness – the Emotional & Psychological Ramifications of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Incest. The CSA part of that refers to sexual trafficking. The entire show – with text panels – can be seen at I tweet a piece from it almost every day and the web page gets a lot of traffic. I would like to make the show available to any venue that would like to exhibit it and that will require shipping or travel expenses, depending, hence my submission.

WCA Philadelphia Chapter

Victoria Pendragon - YouTube



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Victoria Pendragon
"A Dubious Inheritance"
Collage on Panel

My mother’s parents were a far too intimate part of my young life. Once every bit as wealthy as my father’s parents had been, they lost everything in the crash of ‘29 but by then they had become accustomed to a lifestyle that far outstripped their means so it was imperative that they discover ways to afford at least some of the luxuries to which they had become accustomed. Besides insurance fraud, occasional access to the grand-daughters proved useful.

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